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  1. [Reclutando] Clan InF3RNaLeS abre sus puertas (#2PQC89QYR)


    Hemos creado el clan InF3RNaleS para las personas que quieran unirse, espero que podamos crear un ambiente maduro en el juego y amistoso en el que podamos donar y recibir tropas y...
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    Remove this post please, sorry

    Remove please, sorry.
  3. Facebook friends not displaying on any Supercell game

    Hello, I returned after a long time to play the full suite of Supercell games on iOS, when I installed the games on my iPad Mini 5 and my iPhone 11, my friend list isnít displaying my facebook...
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    Spanish guy looking for a clan

    Greetings, I'm Crinlorite from Spain and I'm looking for a clan, my first thought was to search a spanish clan, but seems the spanish community isn't that easy to find, so I better join a english...
  5. Thanks for the reply, I just checked but the...

    Thanks for the reply, I just checked but the groups are old and have zero activity. I guess I could join a english clan if there's no such movement for the spanish clans. Since it's just text I think...
  6. Is there any site of the website in spanish? I'm looking for an spanish clan

    Hello, I don't know where to post it since I can't find any spanish section of the website, I'm looking for an spanish clan but I don't know where's the spanish looking for clan section.

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