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  1. TH8 HOG RAIDS (w/ MR.T) !! "3 Star Raids"

    Hey there clashers! Have you guys seen a TH8 Hog Raid take down a TH10? If not, then this video is for you. CHECK OUT MY TH8 (MR. T) HOG RAIDS!!
  2. Super-Dragoonian Raids for TH8's & TH7's

    I know we've all seen the Super-Dragoonian ATTACK STRATEGY from Clash of Clans Attacks aka Galadon,but you've never seen it for TH8/TH7 until now. I've honed and perfected this attack to suffice the...
  3. Clash of Clans | Clan War 3 Star Attacks

    Some say that the harder the battle, the sweeter the victory... this was very clear when we won our recent clan war ;)
    Check out my video of some 3 star attacks and maybe you guys could pick up some...
  4. Clash of clans | how i farm | barch raids

    Check my lastest Video out and tell me what you think :)) ------------>
  5. Clan War Revenge!

    This time i fought fire with fire in my clan war ;) Check out my most recent video

  6. Clan War Fail!

    Let's just say this attack didn't go as expected...:cool: instead, it gave me my first clan war fail. It pains me to watch it, but what can you do; sometimes you win and lose. Check it out and tell...
  7. Official Clashing Dragonz Youtube Thread

    Hey guys, my youtube channel is all about base layouts, attack strategies, tips and tutorials. Check out my latest video about a new attack strategy i developed and smack that like button for support...
  8. TH7 Dark Elixir Base Layout Review

    Hey guys! New video just got uploaded :)) Since it's the Holidays, I am able to make a lot more videos more often. Check this video out and give me your feedback:rolleyes::rolleyes::rolleyes:. Don't...
  9. Thanks so much! We're currently making a TH7 BASE...

    Thanks so much! We're currently making a TH7 BASE layout video which we're going to release tommorrow :cool: Stay tuned and share anything you'd like to see in a video
  10. New Intro, New Video

    You guys asked for a new video and intro, well now you got it :):cool::cool: I just released my latest video which is a tutorial on how to get 2 COC accounts on one IOS device... Tell me what ya...
  11. How to get 2 Clash of Clans Accounts on 1 IOS Device

    You guys asked for a new Intro and video and you got both :) ;)This time it's a tutorial involving how to have 2 Clash of Clans Accounts on 1 IOS device. Tell me what you think! :cool::cool::o
  12. Clash of clans sick attack strategy

    So, i made a video about an attack strategy consisting of a majority of barbarians along with goblins and archers :o I know it's been done before, but check it out anyways if you haven't heard about...
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    Poll: Winter Update

    I honestly think, the landscape looks sick. Supercell never ceases to amaze me :) A little late on the dark elixir drill on TH7... i was literally on that rank a couple of days ago :mad:
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