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  1. Daily bump

    Daily bump
  2. Spiral recruitment🌀brand new war clan looking for chill, active members🌀#2P2VGQV28

    Hey I just met you
    And this is crazy
    But here’s my clan tag #2P2VGQV28
    So join me maybe

    Spiral is a brand new war clan looking for chill, mature, active members to participate in CWL, clan...
  3. New clan, recruiting laid back mature members|English speaking|#22RGOL2RC

    Paradox’ chill clan looking for mature members to take part in CWL and clan games⚡️
  4. @AXES recruiting now|Laid back war clan|english speaking|#29GQ0J09C

    If your looking for a laid back war clan join us!
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