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    [Android] Same Issue!

    I’ve been to two broken down trucks in the past half hour and couldn’t fix either of them. How can we complete the tasks if the game doesn’t allow us to?
  2. Bump number two.

    Bump number two.
  3. Bumping edited invitation.

    Bumping edited invitation.
  4. Not for the super competitive or stressed out!

    �� Hi! We are Hay Day Friends (Shiny Happy People) #20GRGJJU a small neighbourhood where most of the original members have dropped out. There are only two active members left. We work together,...
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    Please! Don't restrict us too much!

    I've never tried using a different language but I just love the way the game reaches all corners of the world. Even though we're all playing in English, I'm helping and buying from people whose...
  6. Possible solution to Disappearing Diamonds!

    Hi Guys! I keep reading complaints about disappearing diamonds and you always say it's too complicated to change the setup to include a confirm button. How about some lateral thinking! Every town...
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    What a surprise!

    I didn't even know there was a forum until yesterday! It seems to me that some people are making up their own private rules and then expecting everyone else to go along with them! I don't think this...
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