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  1. tuesday bump

    tuesday bump
  2. Sunday bump......

    Sunday bump......
  3. saturday bump

    saturday bump
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    bump for saturday

    bump for saturday
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    War Clan Mandatory Fun Recruiting!

    Successful LVL 15 clan, Seriously Fun has expanded! We are currently recruiting for the elite war clan, Mandatory Fun. If war is your passion and you are a solid 3 star attacker, please join us!...
  6. thursday bump

    thursday bump
  7. bump

    Wednesday bump.
  8. Hi! Does your clan allow TH6?

    Hi! Does your clan allow TH6?
  9. TH10 Offense with TH8 Defense Looking for Clan!

    Hybrid TH8.5 with TH10 offense looking for a new war clan. I carry a low war weight and generally match up in war with strong th8 or weaker th9s. I focus all my upgrades on offense and could care...
  10. Rescue Me is looking for YOU!!!! (in need of amazing and active adult clanmates)

    Hi All,

    I just started "Rescue Me" after being in the same clan since I began COC last winter. I am looking for adults who like to have fun and war about once a week or so. The key is fun! Let's...
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