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  1. Looking for derby or valley players..Twisted Sister

    We are a small team looking for derby players interested in doing 10 tasks weekly at 320 - 400 points. If not interested in derby, you are more than welcome to opt out and help or play valley. Come...
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    Hi, just wondering how to join as it is invite...

    Hi, just wondering how to join as it is invite only. Thanks
  3. Twisted sister looking for serious derby players.

    Pretty kicked back team, not many rules but we do 10 tasks each week at highest points possible. 320-400. Come give us a try.
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    Twisted sister looking for hoodies

    Small, helpful team. We are derby focused. We do 10 tasks each week, 320-400 only. Not worried about being a leaderboard team. But, go for the gold. We are a small hood so can be very quiet at times....
  5. Join us at twisted sister. Serious derby players...

    Join us at twisted sister. Serious derby players wanted!
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    Come try us at twisted sister. We only have 3...

    Come try us at twisted sister. We only have 3 players but just made leaderboard. Friendly, no drama, derby focused
  7. Twisted Sister looking for hoodies leaderboard team

    We are a derby focused group. We do 10 tasks each derby at highest points available. 320-400. We only have 3 members but just made it to 149 on leaderboard. Looking for about 11-12 players. Drama...
  8. Twisted sister looking for derby people

    We have been playing for a long time but trying to build a new neighborhood. We are active, helpers, and do only highest tasks possible. We do 10 tasks a week so will need to spend 10 diamonds...
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    Need serious derby players

    Championship league 8 gold. Only do 320-400 tasks. Do 10 tasks per derby. Need serious players. Name of hood is twisted sister tag 9VG2PG9U. Hope to see you soon!
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