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  1. Thread: Happy Hood

    by mandymoo

    Happy Hood

    The hood has pink back ground and blue cherry come join today We need more active member who 😃😉are friendly and helpfull the people who be nice and police may become a elder or co-leader
  2. looking for active members make u sure u speek english please

    We can give mallets stakes and deeds the hood is called Hay Day Friends its a picture of a crab with yellow backgroup and stipped and the colour of the crab is green please join level is 50 above 😃
  3. the hood name is called BLUE AND MANDA POOHS

    Join in have fun alway helpfull and help other 😃
  4. Replies

    please join its called HAY DAY FRIENDS

    Please join we are here to help u we are very chatty non stop untill 11:00 the group logo has a yellow truck and red background please join
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