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    Dialog for saving changes is odd

    When you place your items and want to leave, you have a big green check mark to save and you’re prompted with “Are you sure?”. Elsewhere the button depresses and pops back up and you get the tumbling...
  2. “Go Back to Most Recent Farm” option.

    Sometimes you have to run home to make Barn space in order to buy something. But if the newspaper has already changed, you can’t get back to that farm anymore. It’d be nice if we could.
  3. Of course that part is completely optional. I’d...

    Of course that part is completely optional. I’d expect that most people participating in an early release test are probably at or near (or probably above) level 100. Those people are probably able to...
  4. Limited release to select users for new features

    I think it would be nice to have a group of farmers to be the first users of new features. They’d need to understand they won’t necessarily get any prizes (although some diamonds at the end might be...
  5. Thread: The valley

    by jbindallas

    I agree about knowing farmers in my hood or...

    I agree about knowing farmers in my hood or outside of it have said they’ll ignore the Valley and will likely find a new game because of the limitations of fuel and visibility in the Valley....
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    Hidden items in the Valley

    First: Trees tall enough to cover the road can also cover up some road stops. It’s already a lot of counting and calculating your trip, it’s hard to count hidden road stops along a path (hidden by a...
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    I agree that farmers get too little fuel to make...

    I agree that farmers get too little fuel to make it worthwhile to bother with the valley. I’m hesitant about spending diamonds because I know a lot of farmers who don’t have many.

    But SuperCell...
  8. Not nearly enough gas for trucks in the Valley for farmers to bother with the Valley

    Many friends both in my neighborhood and outside my neighborhood are deciding not to even bother with The Valley. You’re not given much gas by the fuel spin. Completing tasks to get more spins...
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    Non-intuitive daily request

    I parked at a cinema overnight. By the morning a new request became available for me (or anyone) to complete. By that time the daily quests had also reset. I completed the new order. I received...
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    I completely agree that there’s too little fuel,...

    I completely agree that there’s too little fuel, and it’s too hard to finish tasks back in regular HayDay to get enough points for more fuel. When I say too little, it means I’ll probably ignore the...
  11. [General] Idea: Form a user committee and release new builds to them

    Having a user group of senior and interested farmers might identify problems earlier. They probably need to opt-out of derby for a week or more. Reward them maybe with diamonds. No matter how...
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    Sticky: Facebook link to add me as friend:...

    Facebook link to add me as friend:
  13. Looking for a friendly, active, helpful nh

    I'm Level 63, interested in joining a nh again. Previously belonged to a hood disbursed around the globe. We aimed to complete 9 tasks at 300 points (and always achieved that goal). Group rules...
  14. Expansion area allowed to accumulate needed tools

    Expansion areas can accumulate tools as the farmer "deposits" them. KISS

    For example, a player could deposit (over time) any number of the three items it takes to expand the silo. Don't let user...
  15. Thread: Tractor?

    by jbindallas

    I got the tractor through gift card redemption. I...

    I got the tractor through gift card redemption. I had no idea how much it costs and was really hoping for a fern first of all and the tractor was gonna be a consolation prize. Now it's featured right...
  16. I'm level 55 and just won a tractor through card...

    I'm level 55 and just won a tractor through card gift card redemption. I've only been playing about 6 months. I have a lot of free time, and just learned how lucrative wheating can be. I'm between...
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    Interaction between prizes and decor

    It would be nice for the prizes on a base that looks like a post in the brick wall, to act like one. I'd like to build a continuous wall with the decor brick wall and have the space between two posts...
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    Nick: Right. The "mix" might be a special...


    Right. The "mix" might be a special offer of diamonds, or winning a derby, or a gift card purchase.

    It's nice to know you're still there. One of the old-timers in my neighborhood hasn't...
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    Re-use slightly modified decor

    If the revenue stream is waning, remember that some people only recently found the game. Re-use old decor possibly with a different color or embellishment. Old-timers get the prestige of the...
  20. Thread: Tool shed

    by jbindallas

    Tool shed

    Tool shed to hold expansion items
    Doesn't count against barn space
    Endlessly big or separate size management

    Long-term storage items: must return to the house or barn to access it. Holds...
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    New animal interactions

    Foxes chase off chickens
    Dogs chase off foxes
    Dogs and cats can't mingle
    Locusts introduced, scared off by frogs or birds carry them away

    While bird collecting experience like fishing
  22. Thanks everyone for the consideration. I'm...

    Thanks everyone for the consideration. I'm trialling a farm now to see if it works out between us. It's good to know that there are options though.

  23. You guys sound like a good group. I'm definitely...

    You guys sound like a good group. I'm definitely toward the bottom of the XP values in your group. I'm at 28, almost 29. I don't know anyone else playing, so I would benefit a lot to get...
  24. Looking for a neighborhood where members share items and appreciate each other

    Newish to Hay Day, but dedicated. I'm on level 28. I'm in a neighborhood now with a lot of players on levels from the late teens or early 20s. I've helped by filling crates, finding tasks and...
  25. I need any expansion items, though I especially...

    I need any expansion items, though I especially need bolts and wood panels. Will trade other items or will produce items in return or buy items.
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