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    How to get free dark and free gems!

    Hey Clashers Wanted here from Wanted Gaming!! Check out the episode below to get free dark and free gems!!
  2. Looking for clasher to join Wanted Gaming!!!

    Do you have at least 2000 trophies, TH10, are you a active player and want to do CWL. Come join Wanted Gaming!!!

    ***If you have a clan and its falling apart you can merge with Wanted Gaming and...
  3. 🔴 Clash of Clans live stream friendly base attacks

    Hey Guys join us Tomorrow night for some Friday night fun!!

    Friendly base attacks and base reviews!!!
  4. Hey everyone what are you struggling at on the...

    Hey everyone what are you struggling at on the game let me know! If I get enough requests I will make a video on that topic.
  5. Wanted Gaming: Helping Clashers to become PRO

    What's going on clash of clans community my name is Wanted and I have a YouTube channel and on that channel I have attack strategy guides that will help you advance your attacking skills and become...
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